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Peer Group Coaching

The key to sharing best practice and innovation

Winning at Innovation

To compete you need innovation plus rapid adoption of best practice and multi-disciplinary approaches to problem-solving right across your organisation.  Silo thinking needs to be replaced by proactive cross-functional working.

Peer Group Coaching from ChangeWave creates the place where knowledge, experience and learning are shared rapidly across the organisation.  It also builds cross functional networking and trust. These drive individual and collective performances to make a substantial difference in operational effectiveness and change delivery.

Our process brings together key people with different experience and roles from across the organisation with an experienced peer group coach.  They meet as a working group every month or so.

Each session focuses on the participants’ agenda about what changes they need to achieve and how to succeed.  The whole group becomes a problem solving team for each other.  The coach ensures the group makes best use of the total expertise within the group and fosters an environment where open and challenging discussion is the norm.  Working in this way allows far more honest conversations about what's going on, what issues are getting in the way, and how to tackle them. It's also a place for trusted conversations, where people can share fears and concerns and get them resolved. You get an effective, bottom-up problem-solving process without needing to go up the silo hierarchy and back down again. People find solutions by talking to each other, by innovating, by sharing ideas, knowledge and experience. The group coaching skills we bring are all about making that happen quickly and effectively.

Peer Group Coaching from ChangeWave delivers:

• Individual and collective learning

• Innovation, ideas sharing and faster adoption of best practice

• Better cross functional relationships and team working

• An effective way to maintain momentum on challenging change programmes

• Faster response to business issues helping you meet schedules and budgets

We combine our experience in coaching groups with the latest tools and techniques for effective group working to coach your peer groups into high performance. With broad experience across many different industries we can help your organisation embrace change and opportunity with enthusiasm and success.

Contact us for more information and to discuss how our Peer Group Coaching will meet your needs and those of your organisation. 


I was looking for a different approach to Leadership development and Rosie helped me pilot a new approach at SAP : Peer-to-peer learning. This has been an enriching challenge and
I have found with Rosie a
real partnership and great professional values.

Gaelle Villemur,
Director Global Field Enablement, SAP

You have turned a diverse group of women into a team of colleagues that actively go out of their way to support each other.

Senior Executive,
Financial Services

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