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Resilience Boost

Maintain energy and momentum during change

The work environment is constantly changing

For every organisation change is essential. Whether it’s driven by the market, new technology or your own expansion, you probably have to do more with less. Delivering and sustaining this change this puts pressure on leaders and their teams.  You’re asking more and more from your people - they still have to do the “day job” and implement change while still meeting tough objectives and targets.

Change also brings uncertainty. Uncertainty in nearly every aspect of work life - job security, job content, status, remuneration and career prospects. Stress is an inevitable consequence.  As people generally aren’t trained in personal resilience, it isn’t surprising that the UK loses over 10 million work days per year due to stress and stress-related conditions.

Successful change requires energy and resilience

Change requires energy and motivation whether chosen willingly or driven by others.  You need people with energy, motivation and the ability to rise successfully to the challenges

Flourishing, successful change programs depend upon individuals being able to maintain high energy levels and motivation to deal positively with uncertainty and the inevitable challenges that will arise.   Change Leaders driving change are often highly motivated but need to be able to stay positive when set-backs occur.  For the recipients of change, uncertainty can make them feel threatened and defensive, focusing inwards on themselves. Anxiety and the need for certainty can manifest as resistance to change. Both Change Leaders and their people want things to be different.

For more information on personal enablers see “Are you a Badger or a Doormat – How to be a leader who gets results” by Dr Rosie Miller, published by FT Prentice-Hall

Our Resilience Programmes

Our unique stress reduction and performance boosting programme brings you the very latest techniques from neuroscience and positive psychology to build personal energy and motivation. These proven techniques are very effective in raising resilience when facing change and uncertainty. We help people understand how to manage themselves and their emotions to deal with change and pressure.  As a result people will:

• Maintain high energy and proactivity to get the right things done in the right way

• Remain positive, motivated and inspiring

• Communicate more openly and effectively

• Manage stress better and sustain high performance throughout

• Be tenacious in the face of challenges and drive through to completion

Our programme will provide benefits at any time but is particularly effective when:

• preparing your team at the start of the change implementation,

• giving your change team a boost in the midst of a change program

• preparing people further down the organisation to be ready to participate in a change

• your teams are under sustained pressure to deliver

Resilience Boost from ChangeWave

We combine our experience from coaching with the latest tools from neuroscience and positive psychology to increase personal resilience quickly and effectively. With a wealth of experience across many different industries we can help your team deliver change with enthusiasm and success.

Contact us for more information and to discuss how our Resilience Boost can meet your needs and those of your organisation.

Fab course. These techniques will help me
be more successful and happier in my new job.

HR Director, International
Building Supplies

This has been enormously beneficial for us as a team.
I would do this programme with any new team I lead.

International Manager, Energy Generation

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