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Strategy Stress Test

Make sure your strategy is robust

We are a smaller but far more cohesive and profitable organisation now and we certainly benefited from your input.

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Is your strategy right for you now?

If your strategy isn’t doing quite what you hoped, then we can help.  Maybe the market has changed. Perhaps your strategic view isn’t building consensus or the momentum to succeed.  It might even be a source of conflict within the organisation.  In any case pushing on regardless can take time and energy and still not deliver what you need. We can help you to reinvigorate your strategy and get you back on track with our Strategy Stress Test.

Strategy Stress test

Our Strategy Stress Test is designed to help you test and adapt your strategy to external challenges. We help you to re-validate what you have already done, to take the good forward and address any underlying issues. Our workshops take you through a condensed version of our Strategy Formulation process, testing scenarios and identifying alternative futures. This lets you and your team test the robustness of your strategy against the most threatening external events in your world.  The bonus benefit comes from the team-building effect of identifying the critical issues and refining the strategy. We help you to create an environment where this is a positive process, making challenging conversations and hard decisions easier. Success comes from our process, from our core capability of blending strategic thinking with great team coaching and from our understanding of human dynamics.  We ensure the whole senior team is involved and bought in.

A Strategy that is right for your business

Our Strategic Stress Test is a very cost effective way of staying on track or getting back there if things aren’t quite right. It will give you and your team the confidence to run your strategy knowing that it is robust and right for your business. Stepping back for any length of time in a fast paced environment is difficult so the Strategy Stress Test is quick and effective. It builds team commitment and shared intent, reinvigorating change programmes and giving you the best possible chance of success.

Our Strategy Stress Test delivers:

• A reinvigorated strategy in which you and your team have confidence.

• Your implementation plan that addresses your current business conditions

• Your communication plan for your key stakeholders

• The compelling reasons and touchstone ideas to keep the whole organisation aligned with the strategic intent

• Your team with a common purpose, increased trust and everyone’s commitment to make it happen

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